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Organizational Values

The Glue That Keeps Us Connected and Engaged

(Eagles never fly with pigeons and pigeons never leave)

Pareto's Principle suggests that if 20% of your employees have strong workplace values that differ from the core values of your organization, they will cause 80% of the problems. They inevitably will have a messy and negative impact on the environment (like pigeons) to the point where others won't want to hang around. The 20% in your highest performing group (eagles) will have an increasing challenge working side-by-side with people who are working against the core values they believe in. The 60% in the middle are likely, as is human nature, to get swept up in the negativity.

High performing organizations know what they believe in. It's integrated in everything they do. Everyone, from top to bottom understands and acts according to these core values. Nothing else is tolerated.

Sounds harsh or restrictive? Not at all. In fact, one shared value could be freedom of expression and independent thinking. It's critical that everyone knows the rules, can count on them day in and day out, and can feel good about following them because they share the underlying values. It is also essential that the rules are applied equally and fairly to all. If employees can come to work each day knowing the values that drive each and every decision, they have a sense of purpose, direction and security. By way of example, if your employees value naps and rest it may conflict with the company's value of hard work and commitment. Or if, an employee values money and power over the organizational value of integrity and teamwork, conflict can arise. A good organizational values assessment will reveal (to name a few):

  • the reasons for the organization to exist
  • the reasons for employees to want to work there
  • the norms for meetings and discussions
  • the norms for interacting with others in the company
  • the norms for interacting with the customer
  • the norms for effort and outcomes

The values, once established should be communicated clearly and regularly. They will permeate every decision, discussion and correspondence.

Great resource - Patrick Lencioni's, "The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive". We highly recommend this book.

When everyone in your organization has shared values, acted on with purpose and enthusiasm, success follows.

SKIllCoach™ - Steps to Success

Using SKILLCoach™ we can design a custom top-down values assessment for your organization. Not a canned model, but a true snapshot of your organization's most important values and beliefs. Tied to an employee survey to assess how views differ, this process can yield invaluable insight into your organization and provide a foundation for your mission, vision, and operations.

For additional information about our consulting services, visit our corporate web site at www.skillworks.us